Arkas Tape

Arkas Kinesio Tape (pink)


Arkas Kinesio Tape is unique for its application technique, adhesiveness and elasticity. Due to its high quality this kinesio tape is frequently used in kinesio taping courses. Arkas tapes are suitable for both newcomers to the world of kinesio taping and professionals in the field. Nowadays, Kinesio Taping is becoming more and more popular, not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad, therefore it is necessary to use quality tapes to make the Kinesio taping truly effective.

Size of the tape: 5cm x 5m

•150-160% elasticity
• the tape is made with a 10% stretch
• ARKAS tape is thin, breathable, waterproof
•the glue on the tape is activated by heat. The tape is adhesive.
•the tape stays on 24 hours a day, for 1-5 days
•its application is completely different from that of fixation tapes. The effects vary also.
•heels the injured tissue while the range of movement is maintained, speeds up the healing process
•ARKAS tapes encourage the vascular and lymphatic system, support skin, fascia, muscles, and joints
•ARKAS tapes can reduce pains and swellings, heal infections
•ARKAS tapes fight muscle fatigue
•ARKAS tapes do not repress soft tissues, on the contrary they help their function

Recommended price: of the Kinesio Tape Arkas: 179 CZK